Oops, we did it again!

OK, so we now know that when the CN 8-hatch reefers were repainted in the CN 'Noodle' scheme, they were #10 Aluminum and not #11 Gray.

So what should you do with it?
Well, here are some suggestions.

Weather it heavily.
Strip it and repaint it.
Run it as a Foobie (who can tell me what's inaccurate in this train?)
Keep it at the workbench for stress management so you don't throw your other models across the room.
Use it as an example of how durable modern model railroad models are(n't).

It's up to you.

But what you shouldn't do is return it to the dealer. 
They don't want it.
We don't want it.

Hang on to your receipt, just in case.
You might want to keep the box too.

Free Replacements!
(Well, free for everybody else - they won't be free for us)

We will be sending replacements to the dealers to provide to you at no charge.
That is, no charge to the dealers, no charge for shipping, and no charge for them to provide it to you. 

The replacement will be the body, with all details applied.
You'll need to pop out the floor (they snap in) in the wrong one and put it in the replacement.

When will they arrive?
At this point we're working with the factory to determine when the replacements will fit into the production schedule.
It may be several months.
In the meantime you have a stand-in you can run.

So replacements will be coming when we can fit them into the production schedule.

Who will get replacements?
We will replace every one we shipped out.
Replacements will be sent to the dealers and distributors who received the original shipments.

How will I get my replacements?
First, we'd recommend you print out this page. 
Check with the dealer where you purchased the car.

It's possible they don't know yet. We're just getting the word out.
In addition. many dealers purchase through distributors. We don't know who they all are.
If they haven't heard yet, give them a copy of this page, or send them to:


We will provide the replacements through the same channels as they were originally shipped.
Thus, if a dealer received the original cars via a distributor, they will receive the replacements the same way.

It's not a perfect solution, but it will be the easiest way to make sure everybody who received the wrong car will get the right one.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Darren, Mark and Randy