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Amherst Train Show

posted Jan 30, 2012, 7:41 PM by Darren Altbaum   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 7:41 PM by Randy Hammill ]
What a great weekend at the AMHERST train show!  They were touting record attendances (22,100 tickets if memory serves).  There were lots of really awesome things – including an HO scale operating container loader!  

     The layouts, from N to G were second to none.  The layout in the Mallary Building right by ATLAS had a really neat tunnel – you look one way and it was clear, the other way had a ghost silhouette of a steamer from a main line long torn up!  Great imagination all around.  The new ATHEARN GP38 looks absolutely killer (and 'killer' is a good thing in my new-age lingo).   

     Lots of people came by people just passing, complimenting or criticizing (I left Mark for that).  People with some great ideas for future runs and old friends along with a bunch of new ones.  The re-run of C-Liners and Fowler cars seems to be a real P.O.E for….oh….P.O.E. Is "POINT of INTEREST"…in the US market – along with so many people asking about a 6 foot door variant….well, we will see is all I am going to say.

     We also had lots of people come by drooling over the CP 8 Hatch reefers and the mini box cars – they are all coming, and we thank all of you for your patience!

      Our U.S. Customers will be happy to know that we have hired on a US rep to deal direct to the stores and the end users.  Our product will ship from CANTON, CT. all over the continental US to both dealers and existing customers.  This will improve our US distribution network as well as allow some smaller dealers who were not able to get the product before will now have full access to the line, including the MOTIVE POWER MP36's (Don't forget – Kyle & Joseph get a freebie!).

For more information for US side sales email Randy Hammill at randy@hobbycraftcanada.com and he will be able to get you set up.

   For those that don't know Randy Hammill, he is a dedicated family man – and when I say dedicated, I mean dedicated.  His wife and twin daughters keep him busy when he isn't building a 1940's single sheathed box car or working on his layout at his house.  Randy is a lover of music and an all around nice guy.  Stay tuned for more!

Happy Monday!