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Upcoming Shows and New web page!

posted Apr 30, 2012, 5:26 PM by Darren Altbaum   [ updated Apr 30, 2012, 5:29 PM by Randy Hammill ]
Hello all,
   Hope to see you at the OTTAWA TRAIN EXPO this weekend (May 5-6) at the Carleton University Fieldhouse.  We'll have lots of new things to show (well, not new, but really delayed).  This is the first year of the show, and we are trying to make it as successful as we can, so stop by and show yourselves, browse, buy or schmooze, but come down!
   Mark and I will have some Can-Car model kits there available (http://www.truelinetrains.ca/can-car-structural-kits-1) as well as 8 Hatch Reefers and more.  Don't be shy, come by and yell at Mark (I need a break from the yelling).
   We have also updated the MP36 page with new artwork and information (http://www.truelinetrains.ca/locomotives/ho---mp36-3c-3s-mp-40). 
    You can also come find us on FACEBOOK for streaming information and on YOUTUBE for new videos and up to date information.
    I will be arriving in Ottawa on the 4th before setup to do some rail fanning, so you're all welcome to come join me (call the office for the details)
    Hope to see you all there!