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CMT Pointe St Charles Caboose

The more things change, the more they stay the same...
The latest (final?) chapter in the ongoing saga of the Canadian Model Trains / (formerly) Rapido of the announced HO Scale Canadian National Pointe St Charles Caboose.

If you're expecting great revelations, inside information, or statements/commentary from us about CMT, Tom Tomblin, Rapido, or your deposit, you will probably be disappointed. But for the latest, read on.

What's changed?
Rapido has posted a couple of recent updates for the HO Scale Pointe St Charles caboose project.

On their website (present on February 13, 2013) was:

"The HO scale Pointe St. Charles caboose project was an OEM project for CMT (Canadian Model Trains). That means that it was their project. Rapido was producing it for them. Due to CMT's apparent insolvency, the project is on hiatus. In addition, we have revoked the licence to use our trademark. If CMT does eventually decide to proceed with this project, it will not be under the Rapido trademark.

All inquiries should be sent to Tom Tomblin at CMT: tom.tomblin@hotmail.com"

In addition, in the newsletter dated March 12, 2013 was:

"Final Update on HO CN Caboose by CMT

For those of you interested in the HO scale Pointe St. Charles caboose project commissioned by CMT, here is a final update. It is our understanding that CMT is no longer in business. Despite repeated efforts, we have been unable to contact the owner of CMT, Tom Tomblin. We must therefore assume that CMT has abandoned and cancelled this project. For those of you who have sent a deposit to CMT, you will need to contact Tom Tomblin to obtain a refund. The email address we have for Tom is tom.tomblin@hotmail.com. We regret CMT has not responded to our numerous attempts to find out more information and that this project will not be going forward."

That's quite a change from earlier postings that indicated that CMT / Tom Tomblin still intended to complete the project. 

What has stayed the same?
Our involvement:
We are not involved in the project, it is (was) a CMT-Rapido project.
We are not affiliated with either company.
We do not have anything to do with your deposit.
We don't have any other information about the project than Rapido's statements reprinted above.

Our commitment to help if we can:
We'll continue to compile what public information is available here.
If the project is completed and we're able to fill it for you, we will be happy to do so.
The process and terms would be the same as any other model ordered through CMT.
We would honor as much of the deposit as we can afford.

So, although it appears at this time that it's unlikley this project will be completed any time soon, if ever, we will continue to maintain a list of customers who have contacted us to fill the order if we are in a position to do so.

Is this the end? We don't know. We hope not, because it's a great looking model and it would be a shame for it to not see the light of day (basements).