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CMT Customer Update

posted Oct 22, 2012, 9:25 AM by Randy Hammill
OK, it's taken some time, but we're sort of getting the hang of this. A little.

The short story is this: no more Canadian Set #2 or VIA FP9As. If you want us to fill your order for other forthcoming models you ordered from CMT, please forward your CMT sales order to modeltrains@truelinetrains.ca as soon as possible.

Help! I can't find my CMT Sales Order!
One other issue that has arisen is customers who can't find their CMT sales order. We're happy to try to fill your order anyway. But, we will be filling orders for those that have provided their sales order first. In addition, we can't honor any deposits made without the sales order.  

It would probably be worth shopping around if you don't have your sales order since you may be able to get it cheaper than full price. We'd prefer that the business go to a dealer than through us.

Sold Out
So, there are several models we cannot fill anymore.

Rapido Canadian Set #2. We sold most of the sets made available to us. The rest had to be returned to Rapido. If you had one on order at CMT you'll need to contact Rapido directly, or see if you can find a dealer with one in stock. We don't know whether Rapido will be able to fill your order or whether they can cover any part of your deposit.

Rapido FP9A in the VIA schemes. These were shipped to dealers prior to our involvement with these orders. We received some units in the inventory we acquired, and we filled as many of the orders that were paid in full as we could. As far as we know, Rapido is sold out as well.

Coming Soon
These models are either expected in the near future, or we need to provide documentation as soon as possible to the manufacturer in order to receive them for you. If you would like us to fill these orders for you, please forward your CMT sales order to modeltrains@truelinetrains.ca as soon as you can. Please check manufacturer's websites for when these models are due.

Rapido Canadian Set #3. We will be able to honor the 25% deposit required by Rapido ($375). So the cost of the set is $1124 plus shipping and applicable taxes. As always, you're happy to pick it up at the office. We'll start contacting customers as soon as we receive the sets.

Athearn P42. We won't have the mugs. We have to provide documentation for the orders as soon as we can. We have records for 11 of 22 ordered. Of those, 5 people have contacted us. If you would like us to fill this order for you, please contact us today, 

More later - 
Darren, Mark and Randy