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Richard McQuade and the U-2-g

posted May 9, 2011, 4:26 PM by Darren Altbaum   [ updated May 9, 2011, 4:29 PM by Randy Hammill ]
Noted Canadian Modeler dropped us a line to tell us what he thought about our U-2-g Northern locomotive:
Hi Darren,
 Andy Malette visited me on Tuesday and was quite impressed with the Northern. He really knows his locos and it was great to see that Dave's impressions & mine were confirmed by him. He also told me that I could run it on DC without any concerns. I don't have DCC & wasn't sure if I could do that but tonight when Dave was over we took the Northern downstairs and fired it up. Very cool - the sound & lights really add so much to the experience, even when just run on DC. Not only is it a splendid static model, but it is really impressive when on the move too. So well done on that score too!
  We were discussing tonight what the relative cost of brass to incomes back "in the day" compared to what this engine sells for now. Frankly, this loco is a bargain at the current list price.Hopefully word will get out about this. I know there are diehard brass fans but this beats any of the brass Northerns out there, hands down.