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TLT CN Reefer Photos Leaked

posted Sep 24, 2012, 12:58 PM by Randy Hammill   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 5:40 PM ]
CANTON, CT - Early test shots for True Line Trains' forthcoming CN 8-hatch reefers have been leaked from China. The company has tried in vain to prevent the release of these photos. A source within the company who has asked to remain anonymous stated, "...these models are still in the final stages of development and are not ready to be revealed to the public. We don't know who has released these photos to the press, but they will get a firm talking to when we find out."

The photos appear to have been taken at a small unveiling for the press, most likely by cell phone.  "We threatened to search them for cell phones and other recording devices," continued the source, "and both of them said they didn't own one."

Of the press that attended, neither is spilling the beans, as they had already finished eating them.

As it is our duty in reporting the news, we present the leaked photos here without apology. Unless they threaten to sue us, then we'll take them down. So download these pictures now while you have the chance...The originating Twitter post has already been deleted.


Disclaimer: These are sample models, subject to change. In fact, considering how we came to be in possession of these pictures we're not even sure they are the real models. They could be a clever fabrication or forgery.