The True Line Trains No Obligation (In)Direct (Pre-)order

As with most of the industry, we operate primarily on pre-orders. While we usually produce multiple runs of a given model, it may be a year or more between runs. Please keep in mind that we will never duplicate a number. Each number is unique to its run and in that sense is very limited. If a certain number has a unique paint scheme, that scheme will likely never be released again.

Due to production schedules at the factories we don’t always have a firm delivery date. Sometimes this allows us to extend our pre-order deadline. Often it does not.

Therefore we highly recommend you get your pre-orders in by the due date as listed on the site.

We highly recommend shopping at a local hobby shop or your favorite online dealer. Or we'll help you find one.

We’ll do all the leg work for you!
We don't require a deposit! (But your dealer might).

We’ll let you know if your preferred dealer can accommodate your order. If they can’t, don’t worry, we’ll make sure we have one for you and help make arrangements to locate a new dealer.

Our business model is simple. 
We support, to the best of our ability, our distribution and dealer network.
We don't require money up front.
We don't sell direct.
We don't sell at shows.
If you contact us to find a model, we'll help find a dealer who has it, or to place a pre-order for you.