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The CMT conundrum

posted Oct 1, 2012, 2:18 PM by Darren Altbaum
Hello all -
  First off, let me start by saying that I am sorry for the delay in my blog, as you may well know, there have been several goings on at Hobbycraft Canada / True Line Trains.
  Before we get into that, I also want to say to everyone that I hope that their summer was fantastic, and now that your kids are back at school (or you are back at school?) that I hope things are becoming more routine.  Personally, I am looking forward the days getting shorter, which means I can go to sleep earlier and pretend that its later!
   First order of business is that Randy, Mark and I are VERY excited to bring you some great news.  We just got in a re-stock of TLT paint as well as the new colurs for the WEST COAST!  Including colours for PGE and BCR.  These colours are blended using the same formula as the original paints, so they are non-toxic, and airbrush ready.  The silver is absolutely killer and will look good on many different schemes. 
   Next - the new DALMAN Bi-LEVEL TRUCKS and EXPRESS REEFER trucks are en route, and will be in the office around the 12th of October along with some other goodies, including the new STAINLESS STEEL CODE 88 WHEEL SETS!  These are available in packs of 100 (25 cars) and are pre-weathered and include a steel axle with insulator.  Please note that you should contact Randy (randy@truelinetrains.ca) to learn more about the CODE 88 Wheel sets and to see if they will work on your layout or track.  I have asked Randy to do a write up on the axles, but he hasn't gotten around to it yet.  I figure that if we all just email him at once he'll get the point (he he he).
   Third, we have the 8 HATCH CN REEFERS.  Please note that we are 110% sold out on these at the moment, and unless there are customers who are in arrears, we can't fill any more of your orders - this is why pre-ordering is important!  The 8 HATCH REEFERS will be available in CN NOODLE, LEAF schemes and GTW.  Each car will feature exquisite detailed printing, free rolling trucks and axles and made of etch metal and plastic.  The models are limited in production so I would suggest checking with your store as they are around the corner.
  The MINI BOX CARS and 1200's have been pushed back a bit and will be out early next year, sorry - but there are a lot of things happening in China right now and right here in our back yard that are making things a bit tough.  Although we are doing the MINI BOX car in "N" scale so that should make up for some of the delay.
   The MP36 units are also in production (YAY!! FINALLY - Yeah, I know Kyle, its been a while :-[) - the last hurdle is over come and they are now making them.  I am going over to China to over see final assembly on the 8 hatch reefers to ensure that all the assembly issues were addressed and that the MP36's are right on.
    I know that the majority of people are wanting to know what is going on with Canadian Model Trains and its owner, but I can't comment on this.  It was a situation that I am certainly glad we are able to help with and I really can't say more than that - other than I hope to see Tom back in full force soon.  For information on your orders with CMT - whether pre-orders, deposits, etc, go to the "CMT-UPDATE" page (https://sites.google.com/a/truelinetrains.ca/tlt/home/news/cmt-updates).
   Until then,
if you need, we are only a phone call away.