NSC 50' 70-ton Newsprint Box Car
HO Scale

N Scale

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Exterior Post Cars
10 Rib End, 10' Door

Tapered Door Post
Built 1980
50001 - 850022

851001 - 851028

413000 - 413199

Straight Door Post
Built 1989
412000 - 412099

Built 1990
413200 - 413599

7400 - 7449


Preproduction sample.
Not all details applied,  others may change.

Paper, and specifically newsprint, has long been a major export of Canada. In earlier years, certain boxcars were designated for this service. 

In 1967 National Steel Car Co (NSC) produced the first of 3,592 50' 70-ton box cars built specifically for this service. The wood-lined interior, including doors, was smooth to prevent damage to the 2,000 lb rolls of newsprint.

Two types of sliding plug doors were used, a flush Youngstown lever-type, and a Youngstown lever-less type with exterior posts. Hydra-Cushion or ACF Freight-Saver cushioned underframes were used on many of the cars.

Exterior Post Cars

In the mid-70's NSC started building cars with similar dimensions, but with a welded exterior post design. The cars originally feature 9-rib ends and 9' Youngstown exterior post sliding plug doors. Later variations included 10' doors of the same type, and in 1980 a 10-rib end was introduced. 
     The newest addition to the ever expanding line up of True Line Canadian Cars!