New York Central "Standard" Caboose

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The NYC "Standard" Caboose.  Well, as standard as the NYC had. With cabooses coming from many predecessor roads, 1912 saw the beginning of a large scale rebuilding of the 19000-series offset cupola wood cabooses for the NYC System roads.

Due to being part of a long rebuilding program at multiple shops, and starting from a variety of caboose designs, there were a great many variations. The low offset clearance cupola and a steel underframe with truss rods were among the spotting features common for this series of caboose.

They were assigned to the major NYC subsidiaries, including the P&LE, PMcK&Y, B&A and MC.

In addition, the while under NYC control, the Rutland Railroad built a dozen of these cabooses in their shops using NYC plans. Even in that small number variations exist, with a different cupola used on at least two, following repairs later in their life.

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Roman lettering (pre-1955), no herald with KC brakes and original running boards
Gothic lettering (post-1955) with NYC oval herald, AB brakes and revised running boards 

Exclusive NYC road numbers available from NYC System Historical Society
NYC #19322 available exclusively from Danbury Railway Museum
Exclusive NYC lettered unnumbered models available from

Roman lettering (pre-1955), no herald with KC brakes
Gothic lettering (post 1955) with NYC oval herald with AB brakes

Roman lettering (pre-1955), no herald with KC brakes

Delivery scheme (pre-1938) (box car red) with KC brakes
Route of the Whippet scheme (1938-1953) (cherry red) with KC brakes
Green and Yellow (post-1953) scheme with AB brakes

Exclusive Rutland lettered unnumbered models available from

This model has been designed with the assistance, and is available from,
the NYC SystemP&LE Railroad, and Rutland Railroad Historical Societies.