CN & CP GMD SW1200RS Locomotives
 HO Scale


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We are really sorry for the delay, but we decided to release the CN and the CP units together, so we had to change some tooling and make some new slides. 
It's a limited run, so make sure that you don't miss out!  
     See your local True Line Trains dealer for more information.
 Photos: Mark Kaluza Collection  

Whats taking so long?
6 cab variations and 7 body variations.  Making sure that they all look good and fit well.

And  better we delay things than you get models like this:

If only they used the right body shell.....

This model is new from the RAILS up! 
The ALL NEW CP SW1200RS is not simply a new body on an old chassis. 
Our new drive system incorporates several alloy pieces to increase the weight and thus pulling power.

The new chassis, powered by the same motor from our proven MP40-3C locomotive will out-pull many DCC switchers. The CP SW1200RS approx. weight is 327 grams (approx 11.5 oz) with DCC installed!




Details inside and out

Included optional detail parts:
Storm windows
Watchman's heater
ACI Label
Ditch Lights
Sinclair Antennae

Rear number boards and lights independently controlled
Darren Altbaum,
Mar 5, 2017, 6:10 PM