MPI MPXpress Locomotives

DCC / DC - $299.99
ESU LokSound DCC- $349.99 

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Maryland Area
Railway Commuter

#10 - 35
Built 2008-10


#888 - 902
Built 2008-09


#923 - 928
Built 2003

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

#010 - 011
Built as FrontRunner #13, 14
Purchased 2011

Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner

#1 - 11
Built 2007
#12 - 21
Built 2009 

West Coast Express

Built 2006

Minnesota NorthStar

#501 - 505
Built 2008-09

New Mexico Railrunner

#101 - 105
Built 2005
#106 - 109
Built 2008-09

Virginia Railway Express

#V50 - V69
Built 2010-11


#401 - 427
Built 2002-04

GO Transit

#600 - 626
Built 2007-08
#627 - 656
Built 2009-11



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The Motive Power Industries MPXpress series of North American passenger train locomotives is based on a common platform, but almost each component is able to be customized to a specific customer's needs. It currently meets all FRA, APTA and EPA safety and emissions regulations.

Although it is unmistakably different than anything else on the outside, the MPXpress is based on MPI's experience producing both new and remanufactured commuter locomotives to many commuter agencies across North America. Even though it is marketed as a new locomotive, it is even available with a host of remanufactured components to help lower costs for any potential customer. 

There have been three major variations built of the MPXpress: The MP36PH-3S, the MP36PH-3C and the MP40PH-3C.

The MP36PH-3S is the first version built, and has only been built for Chicago’s Metra. It is powered by a 3600 horsepower 16V-645F3B motor. Rather than using a separate diesel engine to provide Head End Power for the passenger cars, it uses a series of static invertors  which reduces the amount of power available to move the train.

The MP36PH-3C has been the most popular version of the locomotive built. It is powered by the same 3600 horsepower motor as the MP36PH-3S, but uses a small separate diesel engine to provide Head End Power.

The MP40PH-3C is the newest version of the product line. It is outwardly nearly identical to the MP36PH-3C, but is instead powered by a 4000 horsepower 16V-710GB motor provided by Electro Motive Diesels Inc. EMDI also provided all of the electrical systems and computer equipment necessary to run the locomotives. Only GO Transit in Toronto has purchased these locomotives. 

Brake Chain Installation
Click on the picture below for a diagram of how to install the brake chain.

* TLT 500200 & TLT 500230 *
Metra MP36PH-3c Oliver "Ollie" Tibbles

If you live in the Chicago area, you may already know Oliver "Ollie" Tibbles, pictured above. If not, you might think this is a picture of a locomotive (Metra #401 to be exact).

While that's an understandable mistake you would, in fact, be wrong.

This is a picture of (perpetual) 7-year old Oliver "Ollie" Tibbles.

Read about Oliver and how he became a train here and herePhotos of the rest of the Tibbles family and this beautiful locomotive can be found here

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This locomotive will be available as both a static model in addition to the DC and DCC Sound options.
A portion of the profit of sales of this locomotive will be donated to:

Supporting Brain Cancer Research at 

The compound curves and the unique lines on the MP series locomotives prove to be a challenging task making sure that the lines are straight.  Already, we have had to toss out a several no-good production samples that had bleeds.  This particular unit, UTAH TRANSIT,  is one of the trickiest.  The soft curved lines on a hard curved surface, around a compound curve....FUN FUN FUN!