GRS Signals

When Roger Moses came into our office, he had ONE thing on his mind.  And that was a GRS light system that was capable of having ALL the combination of lights possible to make his layout as real as possible.  I explained that we could do it, but I would need some input from him.  As the project continued, Roger kept saying that this was "AWESOME", eventually we decided (and be "we" I mean me) to give this item the "MOSES SEAL OF AWESOMENESS". 
     One of the most daunting tasks when using a light bulb in HO scale is to get the colour right.  The factories in China don't always get them "spot" on.  That's ok, we sent them this GRS light unit which I was able to get from e-bay.  While the unit is filthy, it does have all 3 lenses, so we can use these to ensure that the voltage for the SMT LED's will match the real one.


The next point of order was to find a teensy-weensy-itty-bitty-super-rediculously-small LED...but wait!  There's more!  This LED had to be TRI-COLOUR...and the colours needed to be able to make YELLOW, RED and GREEN!  Not an easy task.  After several phone calls and emails to one of our factories, we were able to find them...1.22mm x 1.07mm TRI COLOUR LED units. 


These units are currently going under a PAF process, so we regret that we cannot show you how they are assembled or built.  We can however tell you that they are easy to install, and easy to wire either with our Electronics kit or DCC light controller, such as those made by ESU.  We have wired the electronics in such a way that you can use our light system, or you can opt to get a stacked potentiometer. 

While many of you have already seen the package on our FACEBOOK page, here it is again, along with some helpful information on why you NEED these lights for your layout!  These lights are seen all ACROSS CANADA! Order now are your preferred TRUE LINE TRAINS dealer for delivery NOVEMBER 2014!

Where are these on YOUR layout?  Here is a super-detailed-high-tech drawing

All light configurations possible:

Darren Altbaum,
Jun 13, 2014, 2:19 PM