Accessories and Parts
We have an extensive (and growing) line of accessories for you modeling pleasure.

Prototype color-matched Canadian colour paints? Yeah, we got that.

Trucks and wheelsets? Yeah, those too.

We have DCC accessories and people too.

And our new Fast Clock Pocket Watch.

What about Parts? Kits?
Looking for parts?
How about an undecorated or kit version of one of our models? 
Yeah, we can do that.

Just let us know during the pre-order period of a model and we can get what you need.
Prices will vary depending on the size of the sprue and parts.

If we don't offer an undecorated version of a particular model or you want a kit version, we can accommodate that too. They won't be in pretty retail packaging. And the price may not be much less than the model itself. Believe it or not, the cost of decorating or assembling a model is a very, very small part of total price of a model.

Have something special you need that no body else makes? We may be able to help there too. Contact Randy for more information if you have some parts you need manufactured in small quantities. Prices are pretty reasonable, but you must be able to wait. It can take a while to work them into the production schedule.

The new tooling floor at the factory. Many of our new parts and accessories as well small changes or tweaks needed on existing dies are made here.  No more farming out to the closest vendor, now we have EDM and tooling on the ground floor!