A message regarding orders made to Canadian Model Trains (CMT) for Overland Models
from Brian Marsh, President of Overland Models

True Line Trains is not connected in any way to Overland Models.
This message is being posted as a service to customers of Overland Models .
True Line Trains has no responsibility for the statements or actions of Overland Models.

Good afternoon.

Customers that have Overland Models items on pre-order with Canadian Model Trains are requested to contact Brian Marsh of Overland (bmarsh@overlandmodels.com) so that he can personally assist you.  When contacting Overland Models Brian has asked that you provide the following items via e-mail so he can review your details and then contact you.

1. Please provide a copy of any communications/ sales orders etc that relate to your Overland Models pre-order through Canadian Model Trains.
2. Please provide us with your complete details such as current address, if different than what is on the CMT sales order.
3. Please provide us with a phone number where you can be reached and provide any specific time range that might be best to speak directly with you.
4. For customers that had any consigned Overland Models at Canadian Model Trains…please understand that Overland Models is not involved.

Finally and possibly most important we want to be up front that N and HO scale deposits that Canadian Model Trains requested to secure your pre-order were not forwarded to Overland Models and in some cases the same is true for O scale models as well.  Please do not be under the assumption that these funds were collected and then transferred to Overland Models.  The deposit requests were a policy of Canadian Model Train…and notOverland Models, Inc.

You can reach Brian Marsh using the contact information directly below.  Brian looks forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so we can work to sort out the hundreds of models pre-ordered by Canadian Model Trains through Overland Models.  If you chose to not contact Overland your order may be cancelled under the assumption that it was a stock item purchase for CMT.

Brian Marsh, President
Overland Models, Inc
4319 W. Clara Lane PMB #290
Muncie, IN 47304