A message regarding orders made to Canadian Model Trains (CMT) for Rapido Trains
from Jason Schron, President of Rapido Trains

True Line Trains is not connected in any way to Rapido Trains.
This message is being posted as a service to customers of Rapido Trains .
True Line Trains has no responsibility for the statements or actions of Rapido Trains.

Special Report
CMT/Canadian Model Trains and Rapido Products

Dear Rapido customers,

Please note this only affects you if you have ordered Rapido products from CMT.

The recent changes that affected CMT/Canadian Model Trains took us all by surprise, and I am sure that many of CMT's customers are concerned about their outstanding orders for Rapido products. As a result, we have endeavoured in the past few days to find out as much as we could about the situation in order to provide you with this update.

1. Orders for Rapido products from CMT

True Line Trains has confirmed to us that it has taken over the order book of CMT. True Line Trains has advised us that it intends to honour orders placed for Rapido products by CMT's customers. If you have ordered any Rapido products from CMT, please contact True Line Trains at www.truelinetrains.ca to confirm your order.

2. Orders for the CN Pointe St. Charles caboose project

We are still many months away from delivering this caboose. From what we understand at this point, Tom Tomblin (who initiated the project) still intends to see it to fruition and honour all deposits. When the final tooling corrections are complete we will have more concrete information for you. Stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.

3. Rapido's relationship with CMT and True Line Trains

Given all that has taken place in the last couple of weeks, I would like to clarify that Rapido does not have, and has never had, a financial or ownership interest in CMT. Rapido has simply been a supplier to CMT. Similarly, Rapido does not have a financial or ownership interest in True Line Trains, although we do share office and warehouse facilities with True Line.

Please note that as of time of writing, the modeltrains.com web site incorrectly states that the telephone number for True Line Trains is 905-738-6445. This is, in fact, Rapido's phone number. True Line and Rapido have both requested formodeltrains.com to correct this error but it is still there. The phone number for True Line Trains is 905-738-6556. Given the similarity, it is an understandable mistake. However, having Rapido's phone number on the web site serves only to add to the confusion...

It is difficult for everyone - customers and suppliers - when there is uncertainty such as what has recently transpired with CMT. Rest assured, our primary concern is that CMT's customers get the Rapido products they ordered. True Line Trains has assured us that it shares this concern and will take good care of CMT's customers.

Thanks and regards,

Jason, Bill and Dan
Rapido Trains Inc.