Important Announcement About Canadian Model Trains
(aka CMT; aka

Well, it's finally time to draw this chapter of the life of True Line Trains to a close.

We have spent the better part of over a year, and a whole lot of time and money on trying to help clean up the CMT mess.

At this point the only orders that we can continue to fill are those for True Line Trains products. If you fall under this category, fear not, we're still willing to work with you. We still intend to honour as much of the deposits that you paid to CMT for our products, even though we never received those deposits.

As you may already know, the Pointe Ste. Charles caboose is the big exception. While were way able to acquire the tooling and the right to release the model, we are not in a position to honour any deposits. We will not be selling the Pointe Ste. Charles caboose direct, you'll need to contact your preferred TLT dealer to order your models. This is a very short run, so we'd recommend you act quickly.

We will not be sending any additional messages to ex-CMT customers. We're setting up a newsletter and if you'd like to continue to hear from us please go to True Line Trains Newsletter to sign up.

While we can't say it's been a resounding success, we hope that we've been able to help out as many modellers as we could.

Thanks and Happy Modeling!

This page last updated March 14, 2014.