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posted Jan 28, 2014, 2:29 PM by Darren Altbaum
   It was bound to happen at some time.  ATLAS RR announced that they are releasing the same car as we are.   Are we going to cancel it?  HELL NO.   Based on comments from people like you, our customers and friends, we are going ahead with the project, although it won't be this year...well, maybe not....
    We will continue our tradition of hand applied detail parts, detailed underframe, photo etch pieces (like our new Brake wheels!) and our attention to detail.  While the comments I have heard about the cars that ATLAS has released are directly related to quality and price, our cars will stay at our SRP of $44.99 (or less if we can get away with minimal tooling from our NSC box cars!).  The cars, like all our cars in new production will feature our new stainless steel CODE 88 FINE wheels and KADEE couplers.  The doors still won't open and the brakes still won't work, so don't ask.  
    We aim to keep our quality up and our cost down (you don't see us remodeling our houses with your money, we put it right back into tooling!).  Come visit us on FACEBOOK or stop by the office (you should make sure we are there first though....) or call us to chat!  We always love hearing your stories and point of view!

Thats it for now.

If you have any questions of concerns, please feel free to ask.