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What's New?

posted May 1, 2015, 6:30 AM by Randy Hammill   [ updated May 1, 2015, 6:52 AM ]
Hey, we're back with more of the usual. That is, people want to know when models are coming, etc. etc.

The answer is...So do we!

Delays, delays, delays. The C-Liners are getting ever closer to shipment, and then we'll see what's next.

Yes, the PSC caboose is coming. Yes, the 1200's, NYC caboose, well, pretty much everything is coming. Just don't know when.

The answer will remain the same for some time. So please be patient with us (or not, I suppose it doesn't really make a difference). They'll get here when they get here.

And for those of you who want more:
We've had numerous issues and delays at the factory. Delays create more delays, for a lot of reasons. Because of the long delays, as well as issues with some of the prior models, cash-flow becomes an issue. This is an industry where we have to pay everything up front, and recoup our costs after the models ship.

The best way to stay in this business is to have a number of projects at different stages of completion, with each release helping to fund future releases.

The worst way to stay in this business is to have a number of projects in different stages of completion with no models shipping. There's money tied up in all of the projects, along with daily business expenses, with income far in the future. 

So it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to get things moving at a fair pace again. And it doesn't happen quickly. In the meantime, we are working additional jobs to pay the bills, which has the tendency to delay other things (like responding to emails), since we only have so much time to do what we do between us.

The bottom line:
We're committed (maybe should BE committed for still doing this), to releasing the projects we have underway no matter how long it takes. In time, things will start shipping on a more regular schedule. It's not something that will happen this year. Yes, we'll complete some projects this year. How many? Don't know. When? Don't know.

We've talked about, written about, and published this answer in many places, and in many different ways. We know you want your models. They're coming...eventually.